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Abandoned_District for Contractors VR

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Published by pterill (mod ID: 1141296)


Abandoned District




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GatoZé @gato21

Everything working perfectly, thanks for the great job!

CountKrampus @countkrampus

Are these working for Quest 2 yet?

pterill @pterill

not yet, they will come soon

JParra @jparra

Last night we were a group of friends on this map again and we all agreed that it is currently the best Contractors VR map.

For its graphic quality with good performance, for its fluidity, verticality and charming corners to enjoy all the modes that you can think of, from a fun gun game to the most tense competitive game. A map with a 10 rating.

JParra @jparra

I was hoping that the new update would solve my problem with this map, one of the best among the custom ones, but it keeps giving me an error no matter how many times I install it.
I've uninstalled Contractors and moved the whole game to another disk just to play this map, but it didn't help.
The bad thing is that my friends can play it without problems, but if I try to enter, it downloads again and again from 0 to 100% without ever entering.
What else can I try?

pterill @pterill

You definitely have the .modio folder with corrupt files. I advise you to delete it and try to download only this map to see if it solves, of course I recommend that you make a copy of the folder before deleting it. Let me know if this solves the problem thanks

JParra @jparra

Thanks for answering.
What you comment I had already tried without success.
I also deleted all the mods and moved the installation to another disk and place.
I also tried to download the pak file from this page and put it in place of the one I was trying to install.

And other tests that I do not remember, but in the end I got it in the following way:
1. I let it install "badly" and generate the json file.
2. Copy the downloaded pak file from this page
3. I modified the json file to indicate that the mod was correct and not corrupted.

The json file is in: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ContractorsVR\Contractors_UE4_22\PersistentDownloadDir\Mods\1141296
And the line is: "state": "installed",

And to work, both online and offline.

GatoZé @gato21

Was there a problem with the map? It is not loaded on the server.

JParra @jparra

There is no way to play this map online neither on EU nor NA servers.

A few weeks ago we played it without problems, but now it does not appear for many combinations that we try.

A pity, because it was a fantastic map.

GatoZé @gato21

Excelente mapa, bem detalhado e bem projetado. Com excelentes cobertas e abrigos.

JParra @jparra

Amazing with great possibilities of taking routes, very smooth and perfect both for many as a few players.

mehrdavon @mehrdavon

awesome, really looking forward to give it a try.