Contractors VR

Dust_2_SanTorini for Contractors VR

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Published by Zebrakickit (mod ID: 142265)


Dust2 Reimagined at San Torini




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GatoZé @gato21

Está ocorrendo algum problema no mapa? Pois não aparece na seleção.

JParra @jparra

I really want to be able to test this map, but as people comment there is no way it can be used.

I do not understand much how this is going, but there are maps that do not load (like this one), give errors (like v1) or have very poor performance (Like forest or ColdFront) and they have been on the list for a long time, on the other hand, there are fabulous maps like Raid or Downfall that we saw a couple of times and never heard from again.

ÐJ_€dyo @j-dyo

The Map Needs an update to current version of contractors, its showns in none of the current gamemodes ! :o

DIABLO1607623214 @diablo1607623214

Hey modders !!! great map !!
please create the main maps from counter strike, than you will bring the whole player from pavlov in CONTRACTORS !!
Please , Italy, inferno, nuke, train, mirage, assault, office, and so on

kopshski @kopshski

Looks really nice from the photo but I can't seem to get it to appear in the map selection. Am I doing something wrong?

Mixon @mixon

So uh, what modes does this map support? Couldn't get it to appear in the lobby map selection for the life of me.