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How to Install Contractors 0.93.0 Mod Kit

How to Install Contractors 0.93.0 Mod Kit


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Video tutorial is available now!!!!

1. Register a Epic Games and GitHub Account If you don't have one

Use the following links to complete the account registration
Epic Games:


2. Link your Epic Games Account with GitHub Account.


Once you get accounts registered, head to epic games account setting panel and link your github account there.

You should receive an invitation from epic games on github after your account have been linked, accept that invitation and dowload mod kit through this link:

Latest version is: 0.93.0


*Notice: You don't need to download Source code files, they have nothing to do with the mod kit.

*Important: If you haven't completed the previous steps, you will get a 404 page when trying to download the mod kit.

3. Unzip the Mod Kit and Register the Mod Engine

Once you got the mod files downloaded make sure you get all the files


Unzip the project to a place you like. For the first time opening the mod project, you need to register the mod engine to your computer's first.

Before you can open the mod project, you must open the mod engine at least once. The mod engine binary file is located at : ModKit_0.93.0\ModEngine\Engine\Binaries\Win64

If it's the first time you use the modkit, click on "More"->"Browse"

moreproject browse

Then select the Mod Project file from there.

You can now open the Contractors VR mod project! Have Fun!


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CptTBagger1596855873 @cpttbagger1596855873

ok sooooooo what engine version can you use i tried 4.22 as in project and it came up with errors. is this with 4.24

kcmonkey1992 @kcmonkey1992

Hello, the ModKit comes with an Engine that the mod project requires.

Caliconnect @caliconnect

Errors on page.. please help!

kcmonkey1992 @kcmonkey1992

Have you linked your Github Account with your Epic Games Account and accepted the invitation from your Github Accoun

»Ardente« @ardente

Can't seem to get an invitation from epic games. Just linked GitHub with epic and the Github link is still showing up 404. Re-linking didn't help as of now.
Edit: So apparently, I didn't receive an invitation email, for whatever reason - but you can just go to and check for yourself, If they invited you.
You can just join the group from this site and access the ModKit download site.

jsharktoot1612412641 @jsharktoot1612412641

can you do this on the oculas quest 2 native game on the oculas store version

Knockindoors @knockindoors

Not seeing the link to get the mod kit

dalgardalexander @dalgardalexander

Hi.. I have both 4.26 and 4.27 installed. I tried to install the modkit step by step. registrer did not do anything. When i open the unrealengine.exe in the mod, it open unreal 4.27.
I unintalled all my unreal versions except UE5. Still opens in 4.27.

So it gives the version warning on opening the contractorsVR project. Do we need to have UE4.22 installed, then change the engine version of the project to 4.22?

ed_toast @ed-toast

can't upload to crashes at the end and shows this error

Assertion failed: SharedThis.Get() == this [File:C:\UnrealEngine_4.27\KCmonkey-UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Templates/SharedPointer.h] [Line: 1329]

i dont even have unreal on my c drive.

the_sn3akiwhizper @sn3akiwhiz1648523916

My computer is a bit of a potato so I had trouble right-clicking to extract the zip files in step 3 so I had to use this command in the windows terminal: "C:\Program Files\7z\7z.exe" x just FYI for anyone struggling with this in the future.

OneRAD @onerad

i cant connect my with the contractors unreal?

LastJoaquin @lastjoaquin

I know you guys already have a map mod guide, but do you think you'll be able to make a Weapon Kit Mod guide?

Nesrak1663204709 @nesrak1663204709

When I install (what I think are) the necessary files I then try to extract the mod kit and it just crashes. I download # 1-11 and the zip file and nothing works
. Help?