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How to test your map on Quest

How to test your map on Quest

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1. Package your mod for android platform


2. Use Copy script to install the mod to your Quest

After the Packaging is complete, a .bat script will be generated for you under {Package Directory}/{Mod Name}. Connect Quest to your computer with a cable, then run this script to install the map to your Quest for local testing. Mod will be copied to \Android\data\com.CaveManStudio.ContractorsVR\files\ModsTest on your Quset. You can remove this folder if you wish to remove all the test files.

3. Test your map

After the mod has been installed, you can open your game, and you can find it in Free Roam map selection.

* Notice: If you want to test out game modes other than TDM (ie, Control, Domination, etc), you will need to upload your mod to service first, then start a online game with your mod.


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