Contractors VR

LDMod_h3_Heretic [BETA] for Contractors VR

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Published by OneMoreForTheRoad (mod ID: 2108686)


EARLY BETA, WIP for Modded Loadout method. BETA likely contains multiple bugs. ONLY supports choosing the Standard Loadout. DOES NOT support GunGame. Flashing lights & Nausea warning! This is not an official Loadout Mod & is only on specified maps.

Known Issues:

->Custom Loadout is in a state of EARY BETA
->Q2 Performance Problems
->CustomSFX Broken
->Hands Clip When Using Foregrip

Original level & loadout design by MS/Bungie
Models/Materials for Primary+Secondary Mod via pack by Cheifster
Melee Model by Fuzzelpop
Many sounds via SFX Pack by SillyGoose
Some sound via The Bizarchivist Project
Energy texture based on C$ Modkit
Anony for the 'Jump Height/Gravity' Blueprint
kcmonkey for Rev. 3 of 'Jump Height/Gravity' Blueprint

Thanks to FlawlessSin's "Contractors Mod Map Guide"






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